All students are required to have these items within your first month of training

1. White Iai sword belt

We would recommend the white iai belt at the bottom of the page for training as it is thicker than the more attractive colored belts on the page. Also, it will be worn under you hakama so nobody really sees it. We will show you how to tie it.

2. Aikido Gi

These white gi's are good. You would avoid the "double layer" gi on the above marked aikido gi as it would be too hot. White Judo gi's are great if you have one already. Wash your gi in cold water and hang to dry as much as needed or buy two as your gi must be clean out of respect to the dojo.

3. Aikido Hakama

This one is made of synthetic fibers. It will resist wear and fading. It is also cooler than the heavier cotton hakama. The website has you put in your height for a correct fit.

4. White socks

You may wear clean, white athletic socks or train barefoot, but we recommend wearing socks. It prevents injuries to the toes. No black socks, please.


1 & 2. Aikido Bokken and Jo Set with Bag

3. Tanto

4. High Carbon Steel Iaito

Please talk with Sensei or call a senior student before buying (619-246-4818) You need the correct length.

Do NOT Buy Stainless Steel Iaito Stainless iaito are thought to be too light for realistic training by Sensei. The high carbon steel iaito are also safer than the light stainless as a stainless steel practice sword may break during kata, especially as you get stronger.
Do not buy Iaito made in Japan. Though their real swords (shinken) are the best in the world, their iaito are ALL made of stainless steel. The Japanese do not produce high carbon style iaito due to their country's strict weapons laws. High carbon steel iaito can potentially be turned into a weapon if sharpened, so they only allow weak stainless iaito to be made. Japanese citizens may legally purchase a real sword (shinken), but to do so one must register it with the authorities like we do here with firearms.

5. Sword Care Kit

As to care, the high carbon steel swords need to be cleaned and oiled regularly like areal sword to avoid rusting. One should also purcase a sword care kit.