Koichi Nakamura Sensei

Sensei Koichi Nakamura grew up in Hokkaido, Japan. His family was originally from Akita and were of the samurai class. Like many samurai families, Sensei’s forebears maintained their commitment to service and to the martial arts by joining law enforcement when the samurai class was abolished. Sensei’s grandfather, for instance, was chief of police in his home town. Nakamura trained in Judo as teenager here. It was very harsh training that included throws that involved knees to the groin and senior students were allowed to strike their juniors.

Nakamura traveled from quiet Hokkaido to the bustling metropolis of Tokyo to attend the pre-eminent acupuncture college in Japan. After completing his degree there and a highly competitive fellowship afterwards, Sensei practiced acupuncture and shiatsu in Japan before moving to New York City and eventually to San Diego. About 30 years ago in San Diego, Sensei met the world reknown Aikido instructor Shihan K. T. Chiba. Sensei studied Aikido and Iaido from Chiba. Sensei tested with Chiba's sword master and passed his 3rd Degree Black Belt in Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido. At the same dojo, sensei also began studying Aikido with Shihan M. Murashige with whom sensei later became a private student.

Sensei Nakamura enthusiastically shares the Martial Arts and Healing Arts of Japan with us in San Diego.