Welcome to Miramar Aikido and Iaido


The Way of Harmony

Morihei Ueshiba developed this modern Japanese martial art based on traditional Samurai fighting arts. On the surface Aikido involves throws and joint locks with some strikes. Its essence is to blend with the opponent's energy and end the conflict. Aikido is excellent self defense for women and men of all sizes.


The Art of Drawing the Sword

The sword arts of Japan were fading into obscurity until Nakayama Hakudo revived interest in Iaido with his Muso Shinden Ryu. You will learn how Samurai drew (batto), cut (giri), shook clean (chiburi), and sheathed (noto) their swords. Students begin practicing these forms (kata) with an iaito, an unsharpened steel sword. Wood swords (bokken) are used in two person drills.